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Harry Patel - Principal & Founder

Harry Patel - Principal & FounderAs the Senior Vice President of development at Sage Development Group Harry oversees and manages the development projects. Harry is a quality oriented developer with a keen ability to identify profitable business opportunities. Harry’s vast experience in real estate developments and international business are what led him to start a partnership and pursue developing Senior Housing Facilities. Currently the company has two Senior Housing Facilities completed, one in Panama City Beach, FL. and another in Palatka, FL. With several more currently under design phase. The company is looking forward to expanding and providing quality facilities throughout the surrounding areas.

Harry’s firm offers a wide array of development services including land identification, construction financing arrangements, construction management and turn-key senior housing developments. Harry has done extensive work on wetland mitigation, environmental permitting, and land development. As well as promote the growth and expansion of mature established operations. These businesses have shown great profitability and success in the duration and timeframe Harry has overseen them. He has proven results through his extensive work of collaboration, building partnerships, and providing jobs. Harry is a visionary and believes strongly in supporting the community.

Harry currently resides in Panama City Beach with his wife Parul and two children. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his children and assisting community members. He has served on the board of directors for the Bay County Chamber of Commerce and has been a member of the Military Affairs Committee. Harry also serves as a board member of an international firm. Harry’s hard work and understanding of corporate and community visions has lead to many long lasting loyal relationships, it is the foundation of what he works so hard for.

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